The cost of medical care has increased significantly in the United States in recent years. Due to changes in health insurance plans, many patients are now responsible for paying a larger portion of the cost associated with the treatment they receive. Raleigh Hand Center physicians are aware of the financial burden of medical expenses for patients and strive to reduce costs in several ways.

The Raleigh Hand Center has been committed to providing high-quality and cost-effective treatment for many years. Since the founding of the Center, Raleigh Hand has remained an independent practice in the community. Independent physician practices have been shown to be less expensive than hospital-owned practices in recent studies.

Cost-effective treatment begins with providing appropriate, evidence-based medical care to patients. Conservative treatment options are emphasized at Raleigh Hand Center; surgery is recommended only when necessary. MRIs, CT scans, and other expensive tests are only ordered when required for treatment. Additionally, Raleigh Hand Center offers same day and next day appointments for patients with urgent problems, which reduces the need for costly emergency room visits. The physicians are also on-call 24/7 to help triage emergency cases from doctors’ offices, urgent cares, and emergency rooms to expedite patient treatment.

Raleigh Hand Center physicians perform the majority of their outpatient surgeries at Capital City Surgery Center, which charges a much lower facility fee than local-area hospitals. Some procedures can also be performed in the office at a lower cost. Additionally, the price of equipment and implants used during surgery has been negotiated with manufacturers to reduce expenses paid by patients and insurance companies.  Many hand procedures can be performed using local anesthesia only, avoiding the anesthesiologist’s fee. Raleigh Hand Center physicians maintain a low infection rate and low complication rate, reducing the need for secondary surgeries or additional treatment.  Less-invasive surgery is available in many cases, allowing patients a more rapid return to their work and livelihood.