Hand surgeons are physicians trained in the operative and non-operative treatments of hand conditions. After completing a residency in general, plastic, or orthopedic surgery, hand surgeons complete an additional year of training in the injuries, diseases, and conditions unique to the hand.

The complete care of the hand involves specialized techniques in orthopedic, plastic, neurologic, arthroscopic, and microvascular surgery. Hand surgeons may treat patients from all demographics – from infants to the elderly.

Many hand surgeons are also trained in treating conditions of the forearm, elbow and shoulder. In order to optimize rehabilitation after an injury or surgery, hand surgeons work closely with therapists for rehabilitation.

Many hand surgeons view the human hand as an elegant instrument vital to independent function and livelihood, not merely as a sum of its anatomic parts. Read about the history of hand surgery in the United States by clicking here.

Please watch the video by the American Society for Surgery of the Hand….

Metacarpal Fracture ORIF