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Needle Aponeurotomy for Dupuytrens Contracture

Needle Aponeurotomy (NA) is an in-office procedure for patients with Dupuytren’s Contracture. This is a non-surgical option which has a quicker recovery than surgery. There are less complications and risks with NA compared to surgery. However, the results from NA do not typically last as long as surgery, and the NA procedure often is repeated […]

How long is the recovery from Dupuytrens Surgery?

There are three main options for Dupuytrens contractures in the hand: collagenase injections, needle aponeurotomy, and Dupuytrens fasciectomy surgery. Most patients request non-surgical treatments, if possible, since the recovery is much quicker. However, not all patients are candidates for the non-surgical treatments. How long is the recovery after surgery? The incisions take 2-3 weeks to […]

BB gun injury to the hand

BB guns are not toys. Bodily harm can occur with improper use. Several times per year patients are referred for retained BBs within the hand. Some BBs are simple to remove in the office, others require surgery. Infections, fractures, and injuries to the tendons, nerves and blood vessels of the hand can occur. Children using […]

Dr Erickson is vaccinated for COVID-19 prevention

Dr. John Erickson received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for prevention of illness. His physician partners and therapists at the Raleigh Hand to Shoulder Center are all fully vaccinated. Most of the office staff have received the COVID-19 vaccine as well. Updated 4/12/2021

Turmeric and Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common ailments. This word comes from the Greek words arthro and itis which mean “joint inflammation”. There are many types of arthritis, but osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in adults. Osteoarthritis is also called degenerative joint disease. Osteoarthritis is caused by many factors including age, genetics, […]

Thumb pain after skiing? It could be a skier’s thumb!

A “skier’s thumb” is a common injury to the hand. Skier’s thumb refers to an acute injury to the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) of the thumb metacarpophalangeal (MP) joint. This often occurs from a sudden, force, such as when the thumb is bent backwards or jammed. This injury is referred to as a “skier’s thumb” […]

Non-surgical Treatment of Dupuytrens Contracture

Needle aponeurotomy (NA) and Collagenase Injections (Xiaflex) are two nonsurgical treatments for Dupuytrens Contractures when the fingers can no longer full straighten. Steroid injections (cortisone shots) are available for symptomatic Dupuytrens nodules before development of cords and flexion contractures. Steroid injections can also soften and flatten the Dupuytrens nodules and reduce tenderness of the nodules. […]

Broken Wrist Surgery in Raleigh

This patient sustained a broken wrist after a fall as he landed on the outstretched hand. This is called a distal radius fracture. Surgery was recommended and the patient underwent open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF). Plates and screws were used to stabilize the distal radius fracture, while the ulnar styloid fracture healed with splinting. […]

Ganglion Cyst in the Wrist

Do you have a bump in your wrist? A wrist ganglion cyst is a very common reason for this. These cysts usually arise near a joint or tendon. The most common location is the back of the wrist (see image below). They can occur in people of all ages and are common in young adults. […]