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What does hand arthritis look like on x-ray?

  Arthritis is typically diagnosed on x-rays. Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis and is related to wear-and-tear processes, genetics, injuries, and it is a normal part of the aging process. An arthritic joint will demonstrate narrowing of the space between the bones as the cartilage thins, bone spurs or calcium deposits on the […]

Dr. Erickson speaks about flexor tendon injuries

Dr. Erickson of Raleigh Hand to Shoulder Center was the invited speaker for the quarterly meeting of the North Carolina Upper Extremity Special Interest Group. On January 15, 2019 Dr. Erickson and 20 occupational therapists discussed current trends in surgical and rehabilitative treatment for patients with flexor tendon injuries in the hands.

Less-Invasive Finger Fracture Treatment

This patient sustained a proximal phalanx fracture of the ring finger through a twisting injury. The fracture was a displaced spiral-type and the finger was obviously malrotated (crooked). Surgical intervention was chosen for this injury after discussing treatment options. Pins were placed percutaneously (through the skin) during surgery and the pins were removed in about […]

Is my finger broken?

If you recently injured your finger and are wondering if it is broken, the best thing to do is get an x-ray to find out. You can get x-rays in your physician’s office, urgent care, or local emergency room. Many breaks or fractures in the fingers can be misdiagnosed as “just a sprain” or a […]

Distal Radius Fracture care in Raleigh NC

If you recently hurt your wrist and the emergency room or urgent care doctor told you that you broke a bone in your wrist, I am sure that you have a lot of questions. While you are waiting for your follow-up appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, you may be wondering several things including: do I […]

Boxer’s Fracture Treatment in Raleigh NC

Boxer’s fractures are very common hand injuries. The typical cause is punching a wall with a clenched fist. These injuries are most common in young adult males. They can also occur from a variety of ways such as a fall, sports injury, or car accident. A “boxer’s fracture” is defined as a fracture of the […]

Failed Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Many patients with carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated successfully without surgery. If the condition continues to get worse, however, non-operative treatment will no longer be effective. Symptoms over time can become harder to control, occur more frequently, and the numbness can become constant. Surgery is the best way to relieve the symptoms and prevent […]

Tingling Pain and Numbness in the Hand

Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome have numbness, tingling, and pain in the hand and fingers. The thumb, index, and middle fingers are usually feel the worst. Some patients notice that the hand feels cold, swollen, “asleep” or feel “poor circulation” in the fingers. Symptoms can awaken patients at night with “pins and needles” pain and tingling in […]

Median Nerve and Tendon Repair Case

This patient sustained a glass injury to the wrist. The median nerve was lacerated, causing numbness in the thumb, index, and middle fingers. The thumb flexor tendon (FPL) and radial wrist flexor (FCR) were also lacerated causing loss of thumb flexion and weakness with wrist flexion. The patient underwent surgical repair of the flexor tendon lacerations […]