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Drs John Erickson and George Edwards III return from Nicaragua

Dr. George S. Edwards, III and Dr. John M. Erickson of Raleigh Hand Center returned from their Nicaraguan mission trip. The physicians traveled with the Raleigh-based organization COAN (Cooperacion Ortopedica Americano Nicaraguense) to deliver orthopedic care to patients in Leon, Nicaragua. They also provided lectures to orthopedic residents and medical students during teaching conferences and […]

Mommy’s Wrist — Tendonitis Common in Mothers

What is Mommy’s Wrist? Mommy’s wrist is a term for DeQuervain’s tendonitis, a type of painful tendonitis common in mothers of young children. This causes pain on the thumb side of the wrist, worse with movement of the thumb. Opening jars, turning door knobs, and caring for the young child can be difficult. Symptoms arise […]

Information about the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic continues to escalate in communities throughout the United States. More families are now being affected by addiction, overdose, and death from narcotics than ever before. Patients and physicians should be educated about the risks and benefits of opioid medications, and only use these medications when necessary. Below is patient information I have […]

Broken Wrist Treatment at Raleigh Hand Center

If you recently hurt your wrist and the emergency room or urgent care doctor told you that you broke a bone in your wrist, I am sure that you have a lot of questions. While you are waiting for your follow-up appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, you may be wondering several things including: do I […]

How do I know if my finger is broken?

If you recently injured your finger and are wondering if it is broken, the best thing to do is get an x-ray to find out. You can get x-rays in your physician’s office, urgent care, or local emergency room. Many breaks or fractures in the fingers can be misdiagnosed as “just a sprain” or a […]

Smartphone Tendonitis, An Emerging Problem

Recent advances in technology have changed our lives dramatically, in many ways for the better. Increasingly, people are using their electronic mobile devices to stay connected to the digital world. However, overuse of hand-held devices can lead to unintended problems involving the hand, wrist, and arm. High demands are placed on the thumbs and wrists […]

Awake Hand Surgery in Raleigh, NC

Awake Hand Surgery If you need hand surgery, consider having your surgery performed without going to sleep. Traditional hand surgery is performed with a tourniquet on the arm to control bleeding, often with intravenous (IV) sedation anesthesia. For many procedures, this is the preferred approach. However, more and more patients can now be treated with […]