Trigger finger, also known as “stenosing tenosynovitis,” is a condition affecting any of the fingers or thumb in the hand — not just the index finger. Symptoms occur when there is friction between the flexor tendons of the fingers or thumb and the sheath which surrounds the tendons. Instead of gliding smoothly through the sheath, the tendons can meet resistance within the tight sheath, which can be painful and cause the finger to be stiff. Some patients report “catching” or “clicking” of the finger with movement. This may make the hand difficult to use. Some patients may also feel a tender nodule or “bump” in the palm at the base of the finger. In worse cases, the finger can become stuck or “locked” in flexion, requiring the person the straighten the finger with the other hand. This “unlocking” of the finger can be very painful. These symptoms are often worse in the morning.