Case #1

This patient had an amputation to the index fingertip with exposed distal phalanx bone. A V-Y flap was performed to reconstruct the soft tissues.

VY fingertip flap

Case #2

The patient in the pictures below had a near-amputation to the middle finger with fracture of the distal phalanx. Surgery was performed to stabilize the injury.

Open Fracture Distal Phalanx Finger Case #3

The patient below had an amputation of the small fingertip. Soft tissue reconstruction was performed using a cross-finger flap from the adjacent ring finger to cover the exposed bone with healthy, vascularized soft tissue. The fingers were sutured together for 2 weeks, at which point the flap was divided and inset into the wound.

Cross Finger Flap Reconstruction Case # 4

The patient below sustained a partial amputation to the ring finger. Surgery was performed to repair the fracture and nailbed

Partial Fingertip Amputation