Dr. George S. Edwards, III and Dr. John M. Erickson of Raleigh Hand Center returned from their Nicaraguan mission trip. The physicians traveled with the Raleigh-based organization COAN (Cooperacion Ortopedica Americano Nicaraguense) to deliver orthopedic care to patients in Leon, Nicaragua. They also provided lectures to orthopedic residents and medical students during teaching conferences and taught surgical techniques to residents in the operating room. The surgical cases included a wide variety of problems including chronic contractures of the fingers and wrist, nonunion of a radius fracture, chronic nerve laceration in the forearm, acute fractures of the hand, wrist and forearm, trigger fingers, and tumors of the hand and wrist. Several non-operative patients were treated with splints, braces, and corticosteroid injections.

By partnering with local physicians and assisting the training of orthopedic residents, COAN strives to improve the quality of orthopedic care in Nicaragua. For more information about COAN, please visit their website here: http://www.coanhealth.org