“I am a nurse and was very impressed with Dr. Erickson from my first visit, through surgery and the post op visit, he was very thorough in his exam and explaining the alternative treatments for my condition, including the risks and benefits of each. He took the time to answer my questions. I was very pleased with my surgical outcome.”

“I have been seeing Dr. Erickson for over 2 years, and he has always been considerate of my time, my condition, and treatment to improve my quality of life. He and staff are always personable, professional, and very compassionate in all ways. I cannot say enough good about him and the entire staff from the receptionist (who makes you feel welcome, special, and appreciated) to the ladies who handle the checkout. A very pleasant experience, and yes, I have referred others already!!”

“My son enjoyed talking to Dr. Erickson. As soon as we left his office, my son said he wished all doctors were like Dr. Erickson!!!”

“Dr. Erickson is very professional, informative, but he was also warm and caring. I felt he was really interested in my problem and explained things so I would understand my choices. I highly recommend him as well as the support staff ALL of whom were very nice and provided a pleasant and caring experience.”

“Dr Erickson is awesome.! Anyone having trouble with arthritis in their hands needs to see Dr Erickson. He is professional and caring. Surgery is his last resort. He tries to find other avenues of treatment besides surgery. He is the best! I will refer all my friends and colleagues to Dr Erickson”

“Dr. Erickson is like an old friend I’ve been coming since my hair was black and it’s now silver. I’ve had two carpal tunnel releases and ulnar nerve releases and now I’m 72 and I have shoulder damage, elbow damage, wrist damage, arthritis everywhere. And yet he was able to alleviate some of the pain. If you want a doctor who treats you like you know something and explains everything in detail so you can understand it Dr. Erickson and the Raleigh Hand to Shoulder Center is the place to be.”

“Dr. Erickson has seen me for a number of problems I’ve had with my right hand/wrist/arm. He’s very knowledgeable, explains things well, and although he uses surgery as a last resort, he has done one surgery on me and it was extremely successful.”

“It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Erickson today. He was very thorough, and offered several options for a condition that I site care for today with my finger. He was very pleasant to talk to and the treatment that he provided today was done with the highest quality of care in my opinion. I look forward to great results. I highly recommend Dr. Erickson”

“Dr. Erickson has performed three hand surgeries for me – two trigger fingers and a carpal tunnel release. He also treated a broken wrist for me. I found him to be caring, an expert, very professional and proficient.”

“If you looking for professional care with a kind demeanor and someone genuinely interested in listening, then Dr John Erickson is eminently qualified.”

“Dr. John listens well to understand the nature of your concern. He is careful to follow protocols and does surgery only when needed. He is a fine physician and good to explain your condition. He is patient with his patients.”

“Doctor Erickson is a great doctor. He is always very friendly and informative regarding the latest treatments. He listens to his patients and does what’s best for their particular situation.”

“Dr. Erickson was very knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommended him.”

“I really like Dr. Erickson. He is attentive and knowledgeable. He made sure I had all of my questions answered and called me personally the morning after surgery. He has treated other family members and we’ve all have wonderful experiences with him.”

“Dr Erickson has done such a wonderful job with my surgeries. Always took the time to make sure I was doing ok and helped me along the way with any questions I had. Absolutely would refer him!”

“Could not say enough good things about Raleigh Hand. I’ve seen Dr Erickson for the past 3 surgeries and he has done a phenomenal job. The PT Team was absolutely wonderful in my process of healing.”

“Highly qualified and did a fantastic job explaining to me what needed to be done with my hand injury. He also did a fantastic job fixing my injury.”

“Dr. Erickson is thorough, kind, and compassionate. I never feel rushed at my appointments. I am grateful that all of my concerns going into surgery were taken into consideration. Follow up has been top notch. Thank you!”

“Dr Erickson is an excellent physician. Every time that I have consulted him he has solved my problems. He is thoughtful, friendly but more than anything else an excellent hand surgeon.”

“Pleased with quick access for appointment and surgical results. Already recommended him to friends.”

“Sensitive to my hand problem and very gentle and attentive. Not at all hurried acting like so many doctors who seem to be thinking about the next patient. A refreshingly ‘present’ attitude. Good surgeon too and I healed really well.”

“I broke the 5th metacarpal bone in my hand in April of 2016. After getting a splint … I was recommended surgery to fix the bone, I did not like the idea of a surgery and setup an appointment with Dr. Erickson at Raleigh Hand Center. Although my break was bad, Dr. Erickson assured me that surgery was not needed at all. Weekly visits afterwards were quick, I never had to wait long to see the doctor, and their therapists are in the same building. So I would see the doctor and then immediately see my therapist. Dr. Erickson and the therapy staff were really amazing, my hand recovered completely in 3 months, I literally have no pain or physical deformity whatsoever.”

“A great Doctor! I had a knuckle replacement and he called the day after my surgery to make sure I was doing ok. I’m pain free and I have full use of my hand. Dr. Erickson and his staff are an honor to the medical community.”

“I would give the doctor I see, Dr. Erickson, a 5 star glowing review. He is thorough, is personable, takes time to answer all of my questions, and most importantly is extremely knowledgeable.”

“Dr. John Erickson at the Raleigh Hand Center was heartily recommended to me by a friend. The friend had surgery with better-than-expected results. I was told the trip to Raleigh from Chapel Hill was well worth it. I had a cyst on my finger which needed to be removed. I made an appointment and was seen quickly and surgery required only a local anesthetic. Within days the finger was back to normal with little evidence of surgery. I could not have been happier!”

“I broke my wrist in February of 2015. After getting it set at the hospital we immediately made an appointment with Dr. Erickson at Raleigh Hand Center. The past year my mother had seen him when she broke both of her wrists and he had helped her immensely. Although my wrist break was worse, we agreed after careful conversation with Dr. Erickson that surgery was the best option. Surgery went smoothly and recovery was faster than expected (although still too slow for me). Weekly visits afterwards were quick, I never had to wait long to see the doctor, and their therapists are in the same building. So I would see the doctor and then immediately see my therapist. I could not recommend Raleigh Hand Center more. The staff was very friendly and always helpful.”

“I am extremely thankful to Dr. Erickson, the staff at Raleigh Hand Center and the physical therapist there. A fall from a step-ladder left my wrist/hand bones in multiple pieces. Dr. Erickson put those pieces back together. Andrea in OT is helping me regain use of my hand/wrist. The entire staff is patient, courteous, professional and caring. I would highly recommend Raleigh Hand Center to anyone with a serious hand injury.”

“The doctor was great, everything went smoothly. The patient surgery center was great and had a great staff.”

“My son broke his finger, and we were referred to Raleigh Hand Center by the urgent care physician who told us that Raleigh Hand Center provided excellent, moldable, waterproof splints. At the Hand Center, we were fortunate to work with Dr. Erickson. Dr. Erickson was very good with my son and answered all my questions completely. My son’s splint was fitted to his hand and very comfortable. The staff was very efficient and pleasant, and I was in and out of the Raleigh Hand Center quickly each time I returned for follow-up visits.”

“I have had the experience of being seen by Dr. John M. Erickson. This experience was a very good one. Dr. Erickson treated me with patience, thoroughness and comforting assurance by informing me with complete details of the problem I had and what to do about it. He performed surgery on me, and both the surgery and his care for me was admirable. Dr. Erickson called me the day before surgery to see if I had any questions or concerns. He also called me a day or two after surgery to see how I was doing. The major point I’d like to make is I felt very safe with Dr. Erickson. This physician is a good practitioner.”

“I have seen Dr. John Erickson for 3 different problems with my daughter over the past few years and recently saw him for a frozen shoulder. He is extremely knowledgeable, warm, and patient. He took his time, answered all of my questions, and explained everything fully. The front desk staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Raleigh Hand Center!”

“Dr. Erickson fixed my son’s finger (by straightening and placing two pins in his right hand ring finger) after it had been twisted and fractured. The fracture healed perfectly with great directions along the way. My son who is an extremely gifted piano player is now 100% well with great mobility. Dr. Erickson is the best!!! Especially if you want to ensure your finger is fixed right.”

“I fell and broke my wrist and Dr. Erickson returned my phone call on a Sunday! Extremely professional, compassionate, and understanding.”

“Dr. Erickson, his staff and the facility were top notch. Friendly, punctual, and knowledgeable. Dr. Erickson has performed a carpal tunnel release on my right hand in 2012 and my left in 2014. In each case, I have had positive experiences and results.”

“Dr. Erickson performed surgery on my wrist. He did a great job fixing the torn cartilage I had. Always willing to spend a little extra time with me and very much committed to fixing me. I still had issues after surgery and he was not able to help me further. I sought a second opinion and found a doctor that was able to diagnose and fix my ongoing issues. No complaints on the surgery he did on me, just disappointed he wasn’t able to diagnose the underlying issue.”

“I discovered Raleigh Hand Center the day after I had a traumatic injury to my finger. I took the first doctor who had time & that fortunately turned out to be Dr. John Erickson. Between Dr. Erickson, his wonderful nursing staff & physical therapists I am happy to say that my finger is healed & functional. I do not think that I could have gotten better treatment anywhere else.”

“Excellent experience with the Doctor, surgery, office visits and recovery. Answered my many questions and provided me with the best options to address my condition. Therapy was well conducted and beneficial.”

“Dr. Erickson and all of the staff were excellent. They were professional and focused on providing the appropriate treatment. I made an excellent recovery and my wrist is as good as new. I appreciated that they didn’t immediately rush to surgery.”

“After breaking my wrist in April, 2013 and being attended by another doctor for 3 months of Occupational Therapy I was still suffering from severe pain and constant swelling. The first doctor told me that he had done all he could do and was releasing me. I ask him to please refer me to a Hand Specialist and was sent to Doctor John Erickson of The Raleigh Hand Center. Doctor Erickson, after reviewing my x-rays and records, followed by a thorough examination, gave me a (cortisone) shot and sent me to have a nerve conduction test. He also instructed me to take anti-inflammatory tablets each day to help with the swelling. The pain subsided almost immediately after my second visit. I am extremely pleased with the service and treatment he provided and would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone with a hand problem. He demonstrated a sincere concern for my well being and provided excellent Doctor Patient Relationship. Thank You So Much.”

“Dr. Erickson is a jewel! I broke my wrist on a Sunday and saw my usual orthopedic surgeon the following Monday. I was referred to Dr. Erickson by my surgeon due to Dr. Erickson’s expertise in hand and wrist surgery (per my surgeon). Wow! Dr. Erickson evaluated my wrist and explained all of my options clearly and gently. He encouraged my questions and gave understandable and complete answers. I am currently 7 weeks postop and will be returning to work next week, continuing physical therapy for another 6 weeks. I was so frightened and in so much pain, but Dr. Erickson and his staff were patient, incredibly kind and gentle with me. I am on the road to recovery and have NO PAIN (it’s uncomfortable at times, I admit). There is no substitute for expertise, leadership in one’s field, kindness and empathy. I will recommend Dr. Erickson to everyone I meet who has issues with their hands or arms. Thanks Dr. Erickson!”

“We were very happy with the doctor and staff and the therapists. Barely any wait time for appointments and hand therapy appointments. Doctor spent plenty of time with patient and answered all questions and provided good advice and insight into issue.”

“Dr. John Erickson is everything that a patient would envision a physician to be. He takes his time to listen to the patients complaints and he also makes sure that the patient understands their condition. Dr. Erickson is very professional as well as empathetic to the needs of his patients. As a patient this makes a difference in the quality of care and level of trust that one is willing to put into their physician. I highly recommend Dr. Erickson to any patient that has orthopedic needs. He gave me my hope back and he is one of the best physicians that I have ever encountered.”

“Dr. Erickson removed an epidermal inclusion cyst from my finger. He was transparent, knowledgeable and fair. The staff at the facility were nice and actually fun to talk to. I would recommend him to anyone I meet with a similar problem.”

“I had a very traumatic wrist injury that resulted in 3 surgeries, 7 pins, and therapy. I also developed an infection in my bones which prolonged my recovery. Dr. Erickson was kind, professional and empathetic. It was a long journey- 9 months of visits – and he was always encouraging. I recommend him and the Raleigh Hand Center to anyone having issues with their hands or wrists.”

“Dr Erickson is one of the most personable and caring physicians I’ve visited. He listens well and acts on patient concerns immediately. I mentioned a concern I had about scar tissue after my recent carpal tunnel surgery and he took me to one of the physical therapists in his office right away. His staff is very attentive to all patients from the front desk receptionist all through out your visit to check out. Dr Erickson is very much a hands on (no pun intended) doctor which is refreshing to see especially since I work in the health care field myself. I had another injury to my thumb a couple of years ago and the first orthopedic surgeon I saw recommended surgery because one of the thumb ligaments was torn 95% of the way through. I saw Dr Erickson for a second opinion and am extremely grateful I did. He said if I wore a splint for 6 weeks or so the ligament would repair itself and surgery would not be necessary. AND he was RIGHT- saving me countless dollars and down time after a surgery that wasn’t needed. I trust Dr Erickson completely and highly recommend him to anyone in need of a hand doctor. My experiences with him showed me that he avoids surgery unless needed and that says much about his integrity as a physician and person.”

“Not only is Dr. Erickson a competent physician, he is also kind and compassionate. He was tenacious when it came to following through to a proper diagnosis, for something that sent mixed signals, to following through with effective, painless surgery that resolved the situation. Follow up visits were short and therapeutic suggestions were successful. I hope not to return to him for any new reason, but would highly recommend him to anyone in need to resolve a hand issue.”

“I went to go see Dr. Erickson after breaking my ulna. He casted my arm for two months and after seeing him for a few follow up appointments it became apparent that my arm was not healing properly. He arranged for me to have a bone stimulator to try to see if that would help. After six months of my arm not healing properly, Dr. Erickson recommended me to have a plate and a bone graft. I was very hesitant at first because I feel like surgery should only be a last option after all other ways are exhausted, but he assured me that some of the things that made me the most nervous (nerve damage, if it would heal properly, ongoing pain after surgery were always a risk, but very minimally due to the specific way my arm broke.) So, I opted for surgery and my only regret is that I did not do it earlier. He took an xray of the arm I did not break and used it as a guide to shape my broken arm.  He managed to straighten my arm, he removed the bump that had formed from breaking it. He also knew that I did not really want him to graft the bone from my hip so he used my wrist, which was a lot less invasive. Overall, I am thoroughly pleased with the way my arm has healed. I got all my range of motion back quickly, I have no nerve damage, I have no ongoing pain. He did a very amazing job and I could not be more pleased with my results. I would highly recommend him.